What is the current home automation that you can include in your home?

home automation

Smart homes have been a reality for years thanks to advances in home automation that many architects take into account when designing their new homes. It is a topic that can be scary at first, since it is something very new and unknown to most people. The most common question is why should I domotize my house? In short, home automation makes our home more efficient and saves us effort in the usual domestic tasks.

What is home automation?

We understand home automation as smart home. To do this, home automation is based on a technology capable of “intelligently” managing essential aspects of houses such as energy, electrical appliances, lighting, security, among many other things.

This technology helps us manage our home in a simple way and, in addition, being smart, our home will be more efficient and optimized. Which translates into a home that respects the environment and allows us to save on energy costs.


Advances in home automation that are already included in home

 Many advances have been made in this sector. However, in this article we are going to focus on the most common and that we can find in many houses today.

Home automation contributes to our house being efficient, since it is possible to program the switching on and off of different devices such as air conditioning, heating, electrical appliances or lighting, among others, which allows us to further reduce the energy consumption of our house. From the half.

For example, you can remotely control floor cleaning with smart vacuum cleaners or air conditioning and heating so that the house is at the temperature you prefer when you arrive after a day’s work.

In addition, thanks to this technology we can keep our home safe with smart locks, controllable blinds and video surveillance that we can control remotely from a mobile device.


Is it possible to install these advances without works?

Technological advances are advancing at an incredible speed in all sectors. Home automation is not far behind in this regard. In just over a decade, developments to make homes smart have advanced exponentially. Moreover, they will continue to advance over the years until they achieve fully efficient and environmentally friendly homes.

It is possible to install some technological advances in already built homes without the need for works or large investments. It is achieved thanks to wireless systems that connect to the internet and allow you to control specific areas of the home. For example, using assistants that work with artificial intelligence systems such as Alexa or Ok Google.

Smart home devices required to connect with Alexa. Thousands of products such as locks, lighting, appliances, alarm and security systems and even plugs can be automated.

To have an automated home with the Google Assistant, it is also necessary to have the smart home devices offered by Google. In this sense, it has more than 50,000 compatible products that are very similar to those offered by Alexa. Lighting control, appliances, locks, thermostat, etc.

Advantages of living in a smart home

Recapping, the advantages of home automation lie in the increased efficiency of the structure, which contributes to being more respectful of the environment and helps us to considerably reduce energy consumption. In addition to contributing to making our house safer and more protected against possible theft and occupation.

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