What types of pools can I build?

types of pools

The heat is coming and with it all our vacation dreams. We are living the announcement that soon we will be able to enjoy the good weather and the beach. A refreshing bath after a long day, a good day with friends… but what types of pools can be built?

A private pool gives us a long list of pleasures. It is an investment that should be valued carefully, both in terms of construction and maintenance. We want to help you in this task and analyse the types of pool, dimensions, use…

Today we can think of all kinds of pools in terms of materials, finishes, shapes, and dimensions… We can choose to build a built-in pool, or a removable pool with galvanized iron or polyester structures…

3 types of pools

Concrete pools

Already in Roman times, the pools were built with stone and adobe and covered with mosaics or marble to give them a good finish. So important was the importance of these constructions that this style is maintained today, and similar finishes adapted to the new times are still used. This construction stands on a base and reinforced concrete wall joined together.

The most widely used finishes today are vitreous coatings or tiles, which offer an image of unalterable quality over time. These are solid pools with quality finishes, with an approximate 10-year guarantee, but instead, require a minimum execution time of one month.

Its installation is one of the most complicated systems that exist since it requires much more effort and time to place the tiles, which makes labour and materials more expensive. In addition, at least once a year you have to replace the fallen tiles, and/or clean the joints. These are some of the reasons why mosaic is no longer used and pool architects and professionals opt for more comfortable and equally aesthetic systems.

Polyester pools

The types of prefabricated polyester and fibreglass pools are an economical and quick alternative to execute, although they have some drawbacks to take into account. These structures have a conical shape to withstand greater pressure, so we must stick to standard models and measurements that do not allow customization. Also, there is a limitation for large sizes as these pools are built in factories and then shipped.

They also require more maintenance, since it is necessary to protect them every 4 or 5 years because the chemical product with which the pool water is treated affects the material and a crack can be generated in the structure. In addition, its installation is complicated because it is necessary for a crane truck to transport the entire piece and go exactly to where the excavation is. The pool is inserted in the hole of the work, so the locations that are difficult to access by truck make it impossible to install it on some plots.

Stainless steel pools

In the US, 80% of swimming pools are built with steel due to the speed of execution and reliability. They are pools that have two basic elements: a modular structure, responsible for withstanding the pressure of the water, and a PVC coating, whose mission is to provide the pool with water tightness.

Steel panel, liner or reinforced sheet metal pools are an economical alternative when installing a new pool. However, they have great disadvantages compared to concrete or polyester pools.

The cheaper price doesn’t make up for some drawbacks, like how slippery they can be or how difficult they are to maintain. Keep in mind that they are very thin steel plates, which are fixed to the ground by means of buttresses and are covered by a liner, which is responsible for waterproofing the pool. The liner discolours easily and it is difficult to fill the pool without wrinkles on the bottom.

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