What you can do at home to consume less plastics

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Plastic is one of the most polluting materials for our planet. It was, in addition, the material preferred by the industry during the last century; and it is that petroleum products, being so flexible and economic, were produced in a massive way. Nowadays, our supermarkets, our homes and our oceans are inundated. Yes, there are studies that claim that more than 9 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s, something that is more than an obvious problem for our land, but also for water and air; and is that at least 7 trillion of that production have become garbage. Today we give you some interesting tips so you can consume less plastic at home. Do you dare?

Always bet on natural furniture

Wood is always a better option than PVC furniture. Yes, it is clear that to make wooden furniture you have to cut trees, but you can always choose houses and models that are made of recycled materials. The truth is that there are a lot of options, and there are many decoration houses and interior designers who are very aware of this issue.

For example, outside your home, in your garden, better wood furniture than typical PVC sets. In addition, we must add that these outdoor wooden furniture stand much more the passage of time.


Natural wood or porcelain floors

What you can do at home to consume less plastics
What you can do at home to consume less plastics

We always say that wooden floors are very delicate. Vinyl floors are strongly imposed in this aspect, because they have a look very similar to natural wood. If you want to help the environment a little and opt for a greener option, lean towards options such as porcelain tiles that imitate wood. Yes, maybe the tread is not the same, but the appearance is frankly similar, and there are a lot of models that can be great throughout the house.


Textiles and natural fibers

What you can do at home to consume less plastics

In all the decoration you can try to bet on natural fibers. You have textiles made entirely with cotton, not to mention the precious carpets of natural fibers. They are products that, in addition, give your house a much warmer look. A pretty rattan lamp or a mirror with a wicker frame will always be a greener option than those made with PVC. As we mentioned, it will not be complicated to find this type of solutions; and that is that today, even large stores like IKEA are working on this type of product.


Fall in love with reusable bags

What you can do at home to consume less plastics

It seems obvious, but the truth is that many of us still use plastic bags in their purchases. Get a good arsenal of cloth bags, which are also very nice, or go for the paper bags. Yes, always carry them is a bit cumbersome, but we are not aware of the amount of plastic that is spent on this shopping bags.

What’s more, in the market you can even find ecological garbage bags that are made with recycled materials.

Get away from plastic bottles

What you can do at home to consume less plastics

In the best case, in your city you have a pure water and without too much lime. In the worst case, you are used to buying bottled water. It is a health question. We think that when buying bottled water we are drinking much more purified water, but there are studies that assure that in reality more than 24,000 different chemical substances can be found in these plastic bottles.

Solution? Filters such as osmosis. Yes, it is an important investment of money, but the truth is that in a short time the investment is recovered.

It is also important that we stop using plastic bottles in our day to day. A very practical option is the use of reusable bottles, such as these from the brand Chilly’s Bottle, a revolutionary reusable bottle that can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.


 Goodbye to bottled water!

A kitchen that leaves out PVC

What you can do at home to consume less plastics


It is important to focus on the components of our platesglasses and other utensils. In many cases plastic derivatives are used, so, without realizing it, we are choosing models that are not ecological at all.

The good thing is that at this point we will find many interesting options in most decoration houses. Nothing like glass for beautiful glasses or ceramics for dishes at the height of your guests. In addition, there are also options that go through wooden utensils.


Have you ever thought about serving your food in bamboo dishes?

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