Build your own house step by step – Main factors to consider

build your own house

Build your own house step by step

Factors to consider when choosing a plot

The time has finally come for you to consider build your own house you’ve always wanted and your imagination has no limits, it has to be perfect. But at the moment, it’s just an idea and you don’t know where to start to achieve it. You have several plots in mind to build it, but, without a doubt, it is a difficult decision. How to know which is the best plot to build a house? It is a complicated process and thousands of doubts can arise, since there are many factors that must be taken into account to choose the correct plot.

The orientation of the house

The orientation of the plot will be a determining factor when building a home. More than when building it, when designing it, it will be necessary to take into account how to create it to increase comfort and energy savings in lighting and heating by capturing more solar radiation. In addition, it is also important to take into account factors such as the slope of the land, if a nearby mound may causes strong drafts or if the constructions around the future home could provide shade or block our views.

The land we intend to build

As we have mentioned, the state and characteristics of the land will determine what the house will be like. Some of the questions that must be answered when making a selection are: What composition and materials does the plot have? Has it been filled in previously due to unevenness or earth movements? What is the grade of slope? The most suitable soils for the stability of the house are usually rocky, granular and clayey, since they are hard and resistant. A previous study of the state of the plot, carried out by an expert, will help you avoid the worst terrain.

Accessibility and surrounding infrastructures

On the one hand, if the chosen land does not have the necessary supply networks (running water, electricity or a possible connection to the sewage network) to supply the house, it could be an impediment to building it or it would considerably increase the cost. On the other hand, if access to the plot is complicated, the cost of the work would also increase as the transport of materials is more complicated.

The current urban regulations in the area

A fundamental question to build your own house is, even if the land is very large, can I build a big house? This concept is very misleading, because it is not always legal to build all the square meters that is needed even if we own the plot and have enough space. To find out if the land you want can be used, you should go to the corresponding town hall to find out about the planning regulations in the area or to an architect who can advise you on the construction possibilities it has.

Are you thinking of building a house?

In this article we have only seen a few brushstrokes of the many difficulties that must be taken into account when choosing a plot of land, but the road to building a house from scratch is long and complicated. For this reason, at Pacheco Architects we accompany you throughout the process, step by step, facilitating each obstacle and making the house of your dreams come true. In short, we make it easy for you, so that you just have to dedicate yourself to enjoying watching how little by little your idea is taking shape and becoming a reality.

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